Saturday, November 22, 2003

Joy! A roadmap of all that freedesktop stuff I keep wanted to get involved with! Open Source Desktop Technology Formal In other news, I saw Revolutions last night; I thought it was pretty decent. At first, I was getting all worked up thinking about how I keep hearing that people think this movie is crap, and how "people" don't seem to be able to appreciate the fun stuff in life because they take it so seriously. I forgot to mention that the mix of having freshly learned the basics of Haskell (a functional programming language) and Prolog (a logical list-based programming language) made certain parts of the movie really shine. It's hard to explain, but maybe I'll come up with something more coherent later on. Then I realised that this really wasn't such a great film (in comparison to the first). At least it was better than the second. Also: Happy Birthday Pop (dad's birthday today)

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