Friday, February 06, 2004

I'm looking at the clock again, and I'm realizing that I really shouldn't be seeing 3:35am again. I've seen this time far too often during the past week. I think I've finished the Java assignment for csc121, but the eerie part is that while everyone else is spending like 10 hours on this, I did it in like 30 minutes. While normally, I'd go "Hey, that leaves more time to go drink!", the last time this happened (on this same assignment), I got told the day before it was due that I was "cheating" because I was using classes that basically did the assignment for me. And yet the point of object oriented programming is to reuse sweet classes that the Java JDK has already provided for me. It's silly - plus the assignment is specifically on using these kinds of "awesome premade classes" - I'm just only allowed using the lesser versions. In any case, I'm all weirded out because I've got the feeling that I'm going to be slammed on something. Suckiness ensues. I think I'm going to pass out now and hope that I wake up in time to call Julie to get me to Montreal for this weekend. I think going to assembly class would also be a "good thing". I love that class, the professor is my computer science prof idol. If I were to teach, I hope to be similar to this dude (Lin Jensen). He also has another site here.

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