Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ok... here goes with posting with links (l think it's a clone of lynx, but I don't know which one came first).

The room is finally clean. Joy and happiness are here.
Genesport gave me a new gi in return for the blue (washed) one. The old man there is even creepier than I remember, but all I cared about at that point was that I had an unuseable blue gi and a hole in my bank account to the tune of 180$. The new gi is decent, but I am pretty sure that my curse will live up to its regular thing and the gi will shrink to the point where I'm back to square one again. All in all: Genesport is not so great unless you know exactly what you want. And even then, make sure you check the garment over like crazy, because you'll probably find dirt stains and shit that will not come out in the wash - ask for a clean one. Basically, you're better off getting something from Bu Jin. Their service is awesome, and their stuff is of much higher quality (i.e. stitching, cloth, design) than anywhere else that I've seen so far. I think I might have had to pay like 20$ more for the Bu Jin stuff in this past case.

I'm currently making my Gentoo bootstrap, having been lured to the dark side. Debian was fun, but it was clear to me after a while that there wasn't a way around getting my custom 2.6.5 kernel working without doing some complicated stuff that wouldn't have been worth it. Gentoo seems to be the ticket for now.

I'm going to be doing the volunteer thing at the Fringe festival again this year, so if anyone is interested in doing this with me, let me know. Other volunteer stuff I'm doing these days includes an upcoming thing for the IGDA - your basic checking tickets and ID for the event. IGDA events are always fun. Let me know if you're good for that too.

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