Sunday, May 02, 2004

Urgh, I can't believe I spent 10 hours in front of the computer today (working on the site), and yet accomplished so little. I sure learned a lot about CSS and some more about PHP in doing so, but I can't believe it took me so long to pump out the tiny amount of stuff I did. I suppose this is just proof of the law regarding that it'll take you at least twice as long as you actually think to do something than what you were originally going for. Or something. Most of it was spent reading other people's code, fiddling with alignment crap and getting back in touch with speaking in html and CSS, but ... sigh. 10 hours is way too much. At least I saw some pretty stuff while researching: and some other stuff. I think I could have probably saved a whole lot of time had I not been hand coding using the super basic tools I'm using now. I think I might try my hand at Dreamweaver whatever again tomorrow and see how that works. I should also probably hurry up and finally install linux on this machine. I remember BlueFish being a decent editor. I applied for work at the IGA yesterday with Alex. It was amusing. Let's just hope that whoever reads my application has a sense of humour and doesn't mind hiring a guy specializing in fixing machines to bag groceries. As for my quest for registration, it seems to be progressing. Concordia's CS people are way too stressed out. I encountered a vehemently bitter secretary who kept insisting that I go down a floor from her to talk to the person I was asking her for. After I asked her to explain why the registrar had sent me to her floor/section about 5 times did she get up and take me around the corner to the next office where I finally got to talk to the guy I needed to speak to. Dolt. I still need to talk to more Concordia people, but it's not so bad as they're in the new science building on the Loyola campus. That place is maze like. There are signs indicating a destination inside that are across the hall from each other, and yet point in different directions. Stupid signs. What does a diagonal down-right arrow mean? Oh and I need to start driving. Must call Rick and start lessons again. I don't know why I've got such a phobia of driving, but it's kept me from getting on the road for 4 years now.

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