Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Just got back from the Montreal Linux meetup. Am I ever glad I switched to Gentoo. I'd say about half of the meeting was people crying about Mandrake sucking in some way but them loving it still. Poor bastards. Let's see them have a one command solution to installing mplayer. Ha. Gentoo is so sweet. Overall, the meetup was fun. I got to talk and listen en Francais, and it was much less stressful than when I usually do so. There were some cool people there. There was also a guy who looked like Grima Wormtongue from LOTR. Now THAT'S a freaky lookin' geek. [Insert stuff about my Sony laptop and its lack of support from future post.] The links on the side have been added to (people in my CS club at Bishop's), and I'm now helping out to administer the club blogging system. Check out my no-content blog at (guessing at the url).

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Skrud here. Okay so eventually I'll buckle down and sign up for blogger so that I don't have to post anonymously, and then I will have one more completely useless space on the web, just like live journal.

I like the new look dude! And woohoo! Comments are back! I think we should go back to those meetings to practice our French at the very least.