Wednesday, June 16, 2004

List of broken Gentoo stuff

So here's my list of broken Gentoo stuff if you'd like to help:

-I can't change my fonts in Gnome from the Font Preferences thinger. I'm stuck in Bitstream Charter, and that's all I can do.

-I'm using XFree86, but I should probably move to However, I have working setup with 3d acceleration all proper with ATI's proprietary drivers going. I don't know if moving to will increase or decrease the screwed things : working things ratio.

-My cpufreqd thinger is broken.

-Sonypi stuff needs to be set up.

-I'd like to put synaptics drivers in my kernel so that I can use my touchpad, but I'm too stupid to know how to do this.

-qtparted isn't emerging due to something about qt not being build with multi-threading or something. Blerg?

-wireless stuff should be set up. I think I saw a how-to on the Gentoo forums about this though.

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