Wednesday, August 18, 2004

AvP was a let-down. I was expecting a movie that used the license for the whole Aliens and Predators thing to produce something that I would truly be in awe of - tell me more about the history behind the races, I want to know more about their culture, etc. Sure, let them fight a lot too. So why did I end up watching a movie about people who run around dying? Boo that. The ending was pretty lame too. On the other hand, everything save for the script was really well done and in typical Alien/Predator tradition. James Phelan has looped me into this dastardly Friendster network. Curse you James. Now I must spread this vile disease to others like myself now caught in this deadly and possibly stupid web of friendship. Morgan Webb from X Games or whatever her show is, is attractive because she's proportionate and intelligent.

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