Friday, August 06, 2004

Recent cool things:
  • Completed Grouse Grind
  • Watched lots of fireworks
  • Played "get smashed brothers" while playing Mario Party 4 with Jon, Keltie and Erin
  • Went to see Will and Matt Good *coughPRETENTIOUScough*
  • Built and fired potato cannon without it exploding
  • Bought hiking boots that don't fit me very well
  • Declined buying raincoat knowing that I have a coat of some type already
  • Realized my coat has no hood and how often it rains in Vancouver
  • Finished half of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Repair, a truly awesome albeit slow read so far. I think I like my books this way - like really hot tea that I can only drink a tiny bit of at a time.
  • Admired how much I like lists of things - maybe I really am meant to be a technical writer

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