Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yesterday I was still thinking about the whole internal debate I've got going on regarding the degree I'm currently going for: should my paper say that I'm a Computer Scientist, or an Engineer in a related area? I spoke with my dad's friend yesterday morning and he reminded me that it's not the paper that's important as the skills and projects that I've picked up and completed during my struggle for that paper. I'm still a little conflicted, but I think what I'm doing now is the right thing for me. I am however thinking of taking a biology course or two while I'm at Bishop's. I'm also thinking of taking my Master's at UBC. There are good people here that I'd like to get back in touch with some day, and Vancouver isn't so bad of a city. The transport system certainly blows something fierce though. Try the red-snapper soup at the back of Granville market. It's tasty.

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