Sunday, October 31, 2004

The truth about Gentoo users.

The other day I was putting in bookmarks in my textbook, so that I could flip to the glossary and index quickly, and I realized that I could optimize my search by placing the bookmark as close to the middle of the section as possible so that by flipping to the bookmark, I had already completed the first step of a binary search.

Then I realized that it was really geeky. And so it was done.

And it was good.

Last night's Hallo-WEEN!-ing was pretty decent. I drank something, and something else and ran around in my underpants for a while till I saw some RAs in the halls.

I went as Harry Potter, Alain as quite an awesome He-Man, Julie as a ninja-wannabe on trace amounts of mush, weed and booze (awesome costume), and Kate was a Star Trek chick from the 60s. Petter was Petter, Rebecca and The Chad were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, Rob was Wolverine, MB was a bunny, Julie went as Rogue and ...

Adrian was a broken cardboard box with a witch hat. Best costume ever.

Thanks to everyone who showed, you guys made for a great night!
Surprisingly, we only had two casualties.


Anonymous said...

Got pics?

Anonymous said...

Felicia went as Rogue, not Julie.