Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Feel the hurt; here's my current week's to-do list, in no particular order:
  • Post the Principle talk posters around school
  • Get keys for my execs
  • Study Algorithms because I haven't understood anything that Nelly's been talking about for the past two or three classes.
  • Finish the Discrete assignments that I know will take me forever to do.
  • Work the Algortihms final project on "deliciosity"
  • Print and market the Computer Science calendars
  • Bother people to prepare for CS day at Bishop's
  • Redesign my Aikido club's site using an object-oriented approach in their php code and implement the use of PEAR for their database work.
  • Call up all the people who owe me money, and do the math on grocery receipts
  • Study Mol. & Cell. biology like a demon.
I think I can do maybe two or three of these per day. Fortunately, I think I'm going to be getting a sore throat soon! Being sick sure helps me do all this crap.

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