Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Due to our library being standard with the Library of Congress system, the computer books at the Bishop's Library are split in two different places. Want something on Networks? Go to the Electrical Engineering section. Want something on Scientific Programming, go to the Computer Science section. Want something on SQL or on apparently anything web-related (building your own websites and such)? Go to either! Because they're spread out in both places! All over the fucking place! THERE IS NO METHOD TO THE MADNESS. Put the computer books in one place please. And no, they shouldn't be spaced out with other non-related material in between, because honestly, the stuff in between them is NON-RELATED. It's like putting books on English grammar on one side of the Library, and books on French grammar on the other. They're both about grammar, and they're both languages. Put them in the same fucking place and save me time! Fucking library of congress. In other news, the PGP source written by Zimmerman is in the library. It's a big book. The preface is about how PGP was hastily written before the US could become even more closed-minded than it was at the time in regards to cryptography and exportation laws. According to Zimmerman, it was easier to export the code if it was in a book than if it was on a disk. How retarded is that? About as stupid as having the computer books in two different parts of the library. Durka durka durka, mohammad jihad. Sherpa sherpa sherpa, abakalah.

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