Monday, March 21, 2005

Australian C programming anyone? The router, as any piece of electronics that I spend enough time with, is once again screwed. Fortunately, there is some dude around here with an open access point which I can catch occasionally. I bought a unicycle the other day, and went to the guy who takes care of the Champlain lab equipment in the basement of Johnson building to get the seatpost cut down so that I can properly ride the thing. Soon... soon I will be a unicycling ninj4. The CS club's dinner was not entirely a bust this year. Kaori's chefs are quite good at what they do, and it was more of a dining experience than prior years. Those who attended consisted of: Paterson 210 and friends After the dinner, much fun was had by Alain, Adrian, MB and I as we got stuck in a snowmobile track next to the railroad. The tow truck was really cool looking.


Anonymous said...

Alas, poor me... I couldn't afford Kaori, and was working on my infamous Essay :'(

Rob said...

The club had a dinner this semester? Damn, I woulda gone had I known :(