Saturday, April 09, 2005

Recent occurrences: A few days ago, before OS class, I was spacing out in my room as usual (either that, or working on annoying pthread-related things). Alain bursts into my room: "Ed! I hear Mary-Beth coming down the hall! She's going to make you go to class! Quick! Hide!" "What?" "Here! Crouch down!" I crouch behind the kitchen counter. Alain throws a towel on top of me. Mary Beth walks in. "Where's ED?! I KNOW he's here!" Julie wakes up from her Cthulhu-inspired slumber and makes some sounds. Most of them describe me as not being present. Alain exclaims the same. I giggle under the blanket as Mary-Beth walks by about 4 times, totally unaware of the large blanket-thing next to her. Lessons learned: Sometimes ordinary towels are actually elven cloaks of irritated-girlfriend invisibility. The Poem itself: The Hiding of King Edward

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Book Lover said...

Learn how to spell my name. I am spaced out not hyphenated!