Sunday, May 22, 2005

London: A city of a thousand CCTV cameras. Every corner has at least one. There are no police to be seen anywhere, just the odd private security guy. Orwellian. Peter, the friend of my dad's here has been showing me around, and there's much to be seen. Apart from the Tower of London, and all the cool stuff along the Thames, but the really interesting stuff is that which isn't advertised, like the abandoned cemetaries that have been overgrown. It's like a little jungle in the middle of London with worn headstones everywhere, to the point where there's no space to put anything else in. Very touristy photos soon to be uploaded.

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Book Lover said...

Yipee... an update. Small places like the cemetery you are talking about must be very quiet and relaxing. I wish it were like that here. I can't wait to see your photos... and to hear that you arrived safely in Finland.