Sunday, June 26, 2005

After what feels like a week, I have mangaged the largest download of my life: all 5 seasons of Futurama + Extras = 14 GB. My median download speed was like 20 KB or something ridiculous, but I managed to stick with it, and finish it all. Awww yeah... the life of a pirrrrate is hard sometimes, but you just have to forget that maybe your laptop doesn't like always being on, and be grateful for journaling file systems and recoverable downloads. I played airsoft again today and was thoroughly wasted. While getting shot in the knuckles sucks, sitting down in bushes later described as "burning, stinging bushes that stick you full of acid - we forgot you weren't Finnish so forgot to mention those". Also, my gun fell apart a few times while in the heat of things. I can't really think of anything more embarrasing than your clip falling out because it feels like it when you're about to lay down a barrage of BB-inspired whupass. Possibly having your pants dragged down by the extra clip and your lack of a belt (but that didn't entirely happen to me. Playing 4 hours of airsoft with your fly down is another story). To bring next time: Gaffing tape and a belt. And food and water so I don't feel like collapsing at 5:00pm after having only drank a cup of orange juice and a bottle of water. I'm feeling good about the next game - I think I'm going to suck less.

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Angelo B. said...

Hmm, airsoft sounds like an interesting game. It sounds to me like a less messy, but equally painful version of paintball.

Maybe when you get back, we can all get a bunch of people together to play some paintball.