Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finland is a funny country. I'm pretty convinced that most people are robots, and are surefire proof of the existence of transformers in the wild. Today I learned some more about humility: * Biking as fast as I could, I was passed leisurely by an elderly Finnish man rollerblading. He went too fast to see, but I think he was also somehow benchpressing 200kg simultaneously. * Locking myself out of my apartment, falling asleep on the little kitchen table, and being rescued by Tarja and Asta (my Finnish family here). Cool Finnish discovery of the day: The grocery store down the street is actually more of a Walmart, but apparently less evil. But it's the kind of thing where in one basket you could have (fair trade) bananas, a chain saw and a new Game Boy SP. The coolest thing was that the shopping carts had turnable wheels on the back as well as the front, and all the carts were in really good shape. This meant that I could pull some wicked power drifting / grocery shopping. Very fun, I highly recommend that Canada get these awesome carts. Grocery shopping is much better when you can fly through ailes sideways. Awesome link from Jon Ben: Benjibopper - this guy is an awesome writer, and is definitely worth reading. I should also mention that my friend Simon and his buddy have produced some most excellent writing themselves, and that I've resurrected their site here. Be assured that Infinite Courage will continue.

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