Thursday, June 09, 2005

The following are cut-and-paste jobs from some earlier research I was doing regarding the acoustic emission stuff I'm working on now. The choice was based upon how silly the clip sounded when I said it.
Conclusions 1. It is possible to use automatic searching to determine the sign of an unbalance in dc balancing circuits. 2. Automatic searching in dc circuits can be accomplished by means of an extremalyzer, a nonlinear device whose function is to provide an extremal characteristic with respect to the dc voltage or another signal proportional to the direct voltage. 3. An extremalyzer using transistors with various transconductances provides balancing circuits of a sensitivity of 1 mV, with a tentative response sinusoidal voltage of 50 kHz and an ac amplifier with a threshold of sensitivity of 50 mgrV. deleterious \del-uh-TIR-ee-us\, adjective: Harmful; destructive; pernicious. Stochastic is synonymous with "random." The word is of Greek origin and means "pertaining to chance" (Parzen 1962, p. 7). It is used to indicate that a particular subject is seen from point of view of randomness. Stochastic is often used as counterpart of the word "deterministic," which means that random phenomena are not involved. Therefore, stochastic models are based on random trials, while deterministic models always produce the same output for a given starting condition. Bone exhibits some piezoelectric properties: it has been hypothesized that this is part of the mechanism of bone remodelling in response to stress.

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