Wednesday, June 22, 2005

While at work looking for a proper power supply for this computer I'm going to build to run the application I'm working on (go Antec!), I mentioned LG. My supervisor told me that LG stands for "Lucky Gold star". The story is that they were originally called "Gold Star", but they went bankrupt, and had bankers save the company. Upon revival, they changed their name. I guess surviving oblivion is pretty lucky for a company. Ahh... tech legends. In other news I collapsed last night at 8:30pm and woke up like 10 hours later. I don't know why, but I'm really tired these days. I've also come up with a theory as to why the Finnish population doesn't seem to have problems with obesity; their food is resoundingly mediocre. Think of hitting the gong of culinary values. The sound you hear is Finnish cuisine. Canada might be lagging in terms of telecommunications and certain aspects of house construction, but at least we can cook! The only decent meal I've had here was made by my boss' wife (which was actually good), but I am fairly certain that this is an exception. Maybe the reason why I'm feeling so tired all the time is because my stomach is having to deal with food that I can't finish because I keep coming close to puking towards the end of the meal. Note that this doesn't come close to James Olson's tale of eating sheep intestine. He said the outside was kind of crunchy, and the inside more chewy.


Julia said...

Actually, most finns don't eat healthy at all and going on like that it's quite likely there will be more obese people in the future. However, many finns (especially the youth), don't own a car so they walk a lot. Add the healthy (but tasteless, I agree) food for those who eat at students restaurants or canteens and voila', there's your slim figure.
Thankfully, I can cook :D

benjibopper said...

Finnish food can be pretty bland, but it's also starchy and filled with carbs - so I still don't get the slimness. Maybe it's all the coffee and vodka.