Friday, November 04, 2005

So in lieu of someone warning me not to faceplant the asphalt while unicycling, I proceeded to put on a backpack, throw off my balance, and faceplant in front of some random strangers (correction: MB knows them and thinks they're bad people - Ed.). I am fortunate to have only scrubbed my hands and gotten frustrated. I think having proper pads would be a good investment. Companies I want to work for right now are Silverorange and Design Continuum. I think I'd really like to get into Industrial Design -- Computer Science is really not what I want to end up doing. Or maybe technical writing. begin naïveté> I know that I want to get into something involving structured creativity where quality and functionality (more usabilty, really) are the highest priorities. I think the most important aspect of a dream job would be an environment of passionate individuals who give a shit about what they're doing, and not treat it as the space between 9am-5pm that generates income. /end naïveté> I'm going to experiment with Ruby on Rails this weekend.


A slice that knows how to "Raise a Toast to ..." said...

You should play around with Swat too then.

Anonymous said...

Wrist guards and elbow pads. Knees get scraped, elbows and wrists take beatings.

- Evil