Friday, March 10, 2006

From today's networks class I've gleaned two magical responses:
  1. "For legacy/traditional reasons": whenever you don't really know why something is the way it is, this is right more often than misleading.
  2. "Databases": unsure of how your data/algorithmic model could be applied in the real world? It's probably used in a database, in some special situation. Somewhere. Sometime.
I don't intend to be mocking the class here. I just find it astounding at how these two responses can be nigh-universally applied. Awesome. In other news: - Tufte's books on data visualization techniques are really cool. Especially his essay on the cognitive style of Powerpoint (and how it blows). - After emerging/installing emacs-cvs with gtk2 support enabled, I think I might start using emacs more.

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