Saturday, April 08, 2006

My brazenly intelligent little brother has a blog here. I watched a girl fall asleep (completely KO-ed) in a lab exam today. I would have taken a picture had I not been so set on calculating 50-something uncertainties (it would have also been a little too creepy). I thought about my near constant state of sleep deprivation that I slogged through during cegep. Emacs no longer fits me. It doesn't feel right. It was fun to try, but the complexity of it all got to me. At one point I wanted to change the amount of spaces the auto-indentation function used, and found myself trying to understand an entire indentation engine language. I just want to use 4 spaces! So now I use Kate. If I was cool enough, I would have stuck it out with Emacs or Vim, but I just wanted an editor that remembered sessions, had a file explorer on the side, used a decent syntax colouring scheme for C/C++ and Ruby, and indented things in what I perceive to be a simple manner. I also like editors that let me hold down ctrl+ or to skip around words. Having text insertion cursors stay where they are even when I scroll the window away from them (I couldn't figure out a way to do this in Emacs) is also something I like. I'm not sure why though. What I did learn from Emacs is how sexy incremental searching is. I used it with Firefox and "less" as well as Archie before, but Emacs did it in an almost intuitive way (hahaha... I said "Emacs" and "intuitive"...). I wish Kate did this with ctrl+r or something. (Has anyone used ctrl+r in bash? Isn't it cool?!) Skrud is so much cooler than me because he's on Typo; something I'm thinking of moving to once it plays well with Rails 1.1. Good news seems to be approaching. Future project: I want my website to be as cool as Christian Montoya's

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DrSkrud said...

Wow! Ctrl+r is useful! And all this time I've been using history | grep.

As for typo, I'm anxiously waiting for Typo 4.0 to be called stable so that I can migrate to it.

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