Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I think there's something wrong with the air in my apartment. Usually, I only get this scratchy, suffocating feeling in the mornings, after I wake up, but last night it was too much to the point where MB and I had to get up and head back to her place. Anyone know of a DIY test I can do to see what I'm breathing, and where it comes from? Some side notes:
  • my apartment is pretty small (like < 300 sq. feet of space plus a *small* bathroom)
  • I have an air duct+fan in my bathroom that is probably clogged with 30 years of cack (I think I'll take a look at this now)
  • My fridge makes this really bizarre gurgling sound when I gently pull on the door, creating what I think is a pressure difference somewhere, forcing air into where there's water (which... shouldn't be anywhere in the fridge)


Anonymous said...

Buy a canary. :D


Book Lover said...

awww... I don't think Daph would like it if we test the apartment on an animal.