Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thanks Kathy! For the incoming readers from Kathy's blog, there's not much to see here apart from my personal mumblings and exclamations. So I'm going to direct you to links of much greater awesomeness: - Mary Beth keeps me alive and echoes her efforts here - Skrud won the coolest geek award at Concordia this year. I go to Bishop's, so I'm not jealous. He does however write meaningful posts, which does make me a little jealous. - Harley is now a grad student in Bioinformatics. - Jon Ben discusses board games and astrophysics - Keltie talks about the life and times of a med student at UVic - Nick (nicknamed "Evil" because he really isn't) shows what it's like to be a hardcore unicyclist (yeah! Go muni!) well versed in Anglosaxon. - I mirror my friend Simon's Infinite Courage webzine (sadly no longer updated). I highly recommend the Rhino Assault Saga and Hetero Buff World. - Devin sometimes talks about Canadian politics and biking into hard things at night while blind. - Benjibopper writes short stories.

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Keltok said...

Yay Ed! Inspired and inspiring! Huzzah for tech writing!