Monday, August 28, 2006

From Kathy Sierra's marketing & sensuality: (I kept and lugged my Macbook box from Vancouver because it was so nice.) My summer in Vancouver is complete: work at the GSC on visualizing the mapping of a specific cancer's genome continues. Dr. Nelly Khouzam's algorithms class mattered significantly as I was dealing with millions of rows in a Postgres database and I could really feel where speed tweaks had to happen. The end result was going from an 8-hour process to a 5 minute process. It felt good. Ruby is a fine language to use and teach (thanks go out to my students who braved my classes for the last 4 weeks). The current plan is to head to write a bachelor's dissertation on Hidden Markov Models with a genomics slant, and head to UBC for a masters in Bioinformatics in a year.

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Harley said...

Dude, that shit rocks. If you wanna talk HMMs, come to me. :D
I wrote my final paper for a bioinfo algos class about optimisation of HMM searches on large databases. I'm sure I can give you some good pointers. ;)
We'll talk when we meet up tomorrow!