Thursday, March 04, 2004

Given that the site I visit most next to slashdot is skrud's site, I'm starting to feel slightly guilty about not posting here as often. I'm not sure I'd still want to have a forum to oversee, but I can see how having a constant stream of fresh content is probably a good thing. So I'm on reading break, and I'm finding myself actually reading. I've got psychology paper to write, and I've chosen to write an essay investigating the possibility of whether a machine can dream or not. I'm hoping that I can pull this off by taking a psychological look at how the brain/mind reorganizes memory, assume that I can build and implement a data structure that imitates the mind's "memory", and checking to see if the same memory reorganizing algorithm will work on the data structure. While this sounds easy enough (insert enough sarcasm to drown in, here), I have to figure out how the basics of the data struct would look like, and how the "magic algorithm" would work. I figure that if I have a description of a fuzzy image of these two things, it'll be ok. Or you know, the other option would be to be screwed. The book I'm reading now in the midst of researching for this paper is Mind Design II. So far, the first essay has been full of really good ideas and expansive explanations. However, the author really should take a look at Strunk & White's guide to style - succint the author is not. However, it's not so bad as to completely turn me off reading it - it just makes it that much more heavy to read. Understanding the points being made is hard enough - rooting them out through the extraneous scholarly verbal garbage. The csgames are this weekend, and I'm starting to get pumped. I don't know how well Bishop's is going to place, but I'm pretty sure that we're not going to suck completely. Here's to not sucking completely!

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