Thursday, July 01, 2004

spiderman & more computer work

Yay - I saw Spiderman 2 tonight, and it was pretty awesome. Extra super kudos to Mr. Raimi for the homage to his earlier works (i.e. the chainsaw scene when Doc Oc wakes up in the hospital): Evil Dead 1 & 2. The camera was bang-on, and the chainsaw was the cherry on top. Well done. Bruce Campbell's cameo is nicely slid in as well. Hurray, a sequel that didn't suck!

While sitting down today, I wrote a list of stuff I need to do before I leave on Saturday (not Friday, as I've realized recently - this means that I'm going to the Evil Dead show if anyone is interested). This list is longer than I had hoped, and doesn't include things having to do with packing, etc. (Let's see if html renders properly...)

  1. Steve Ath.: I need to fix your network.

  2. Tania, I need to setup your computer.

  3. Marianne, I need to setup your computer and help you move.

  4. Miguel's friend, I need to fix something random.

  5. Cameron, I need to help you move.

  6. Dr. Sharma, I need to talk to you so I can pass physics in Vancouver.

  7. Dave, friend of Cameron, I need to know who you are so I can crash on your couch for the next few days.

  8. Sebastian, I need to meet up with you.

  9. Celia, I need to lend you a pile of comics.

  10. Roger, I need to eat your food.

      I think that's most of it. I get to do that in the space of ... tomorrow. This is going to be very interesting ...

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