Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Feel the 133t-ness in the air: I got wireless to work again (hopefully reliably this time), printing fully supported, with all the nifty ink-spending options, and SCANNING! Wooo!!! Now I just need my system to die (again), so I can inevitably do this again. Just like the last time. Now I just need to find out how to enter mathematical floor and ceiling characters. I also want to learn how to type in characters with accents like Windows lets me (ctrl+"'" then "e" gives me "é").

In other news, Paterson 210 has somehow managed to watch a certain three episodes of South Park at least once per day for the past 3 days:

  • Red Hot Catholic Love (My personal favourite.)
  • Christian Rock Hard
  • Passion of the Jew
I think we've got religion! "Mmmm... Kyle's money..." - Cartman (South Park)

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