Thursday, January 06, 2005

The battle edges onward.

I have a warranty now. I'm not sure why I was asked to get one by the Sony Factory Repair guy, because the Sony Customer Service guy found it online for me. Amusingly enough, I'm so stupid that I was looking in the wrong place; the Canadian Sony site - what a fool I am! Why didn't I think of looking on the American one, where BOTH American and Canadian warranties live?

After finding this, I saw about actually getting permission to get my laptop repaired, given that it's 9 days out of warranty. The Customer Service guy said that it would be ok, but he needs the repair quote from the Sony Repair dude - the same guy who hasn't called me back yet, apart from leaving a message with my mother yesterday. I don't know what the message was though, because my mother can't hear.

This is so much fun! I love playing gopher for my own repair job! It's like the best real-time strategy/RPG I've ever played! However, there's a possibility that I'm soon going to write my letter of resignation to Sony.

I wonder what would happen if I actually did that …


Book Lover said...

I hope you get the right address to send the letter :P
If it is any help, you can always use the mac!?! :D

Piles of Hugs - you'll make it through.

Anonymous said...

Helena said if she gets a job around here I can play with her Mac... I said bad idea, 'cause within 20 minutes it'd have linux on it...
If it makes you feel any better, I have no warranty on my laptop, aside from Nick's Extended Warranty... Unfortunately, the NEW is only good up to about $100 of damage right now... maybe less, I need to check my bank account before getting any NEW work performed... Hopefully nothing will go wrong with it...
If you do resign from Sony, can I have that cute little Vaio cover? It fits my Sotec perfectly, and people will think my laptop is cooler than it actually is! Come to think of it, can I have the Sony stickers off the laptop too? :D

A Sony that is new
Is what you need to do
It'll have a new warranty,
It's too bad laptops ain't free :(

Anonymous said...

mmmm i like my very nice desktop which you gave to me on christmas morn, it is treating me very nicely! cant wait to play dawn of war with you, ed! talk to you later