Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I will be beginning the semester without a personal computer.

I don't think this is so bad. Maybe I'll finally start studying for things and my marks will cease to suck terribly.

Why, pray tell, do I not have the laptop back? Because Sony is not able to call Sony Style, the sales department. Because Sony Repair centers have given me wrong phone and fax numbers. Twice. Because my laptop warranty has now expired, and Sony repair people are quoting a 700$ figure to repair my cd drive and a network card. Because my official Sony factory warranty has run out, and I am now being covered by an insurance subsidiary of Visa who is asking for papers that I don't have because this laptop was a gift.

Why don't I just take it back, in its broken form? Because it'll cost me 50$, because a technician has opened it up already.

While this doth sucketh a sizeable amount, I would still trade my laptop for better grades. Here's hoping.

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Anonymous said...

King Edward sits upon hs throne,
His eyes are full of tears.
Forsooth his computer is in the shop
And to him it feels like years...
- The Court Poet