Saturday, June 04, 2005

Finnish toilets have two "function buttons" - one has a bigger water drop symbol on it than the other, meaning that there's a larger amount of water that flushes the bowl. My apartment has two doors - the second one's purpose is to act as a sound barrier. The bathroom door design in this hotel room has a small crack between the top of the door and the doorframe. By doing this, it allows for air to pass over the door, minimizing the suction effect created, allowing for the door to close easier. I'd like this tshirt that says "Beards: they grow on you". I think it's funny in a content, internal-smiling / acknowledging the tacky wit of the pun kind of way.


benjibopper said...


Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a compliment. JonBen is my cousin - I take it you guys are friends.

I'm enjoying reading tidbits on Finland on your blog, as my fiancee is Finnish-Canadian and we hope to go there next summer.

I should really set up the whole link thing from my blog.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

The Finns seem to like duality... Are thee many Twin Finns? :D


Rob said...

I think the crack is because they're watching you very careful...