Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I had a successful lunch today - a "meat" soup today. I don't know what the hard little black things are, but I see people who happily eat anything flick them out. The bread today had bits of carrot in it. Carrotbread. Think of little strings of carrot in a regular (Finnish) bun. I've gotten into using del.icio.us as my regular set of bookmarks as I bounce around on a few computers during the day and need to work on similar things. If you're interested in looking at the same stuff that I am (whoo!! acoustic sensors!) then hit that link at the top of the list to the right. In other Finnish news, I received a letter from the CIMO representative in North Savo. I think Savo is the province I'm in, and CIMO is the organization that I forked cash over to in order to get a residential permit here in Finland. The text of the letter is set in lovely Finglish. I think my favourite line is in the context of suggesting events to organize for CIMO suckers/trainees here in North Savo: "If you have some ideas, contact to me and tell what nice we can do it together." Whoo!!! Partay-on! Music of the day: Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Cranberries and mindless techno till I leave.

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Julia said...

Those hard black things are grains of pepper :)