Thursday, June 30, 2005

A recent install of Windows has left my laptop in shambles: my factory restoring partition boots, then blue screens, so I "found" an XP cd, and threw that in (hey, I technically paid for it, and I've got a license for XP Pro on this laptop). However during the install, the partition table was tampered with in an unfriendly way, causing my Linux partitions to be unbootable. I could mount them from a rescue cd, but I couldn't boot from them; some error about conflicting filesystem sizes. At this point, I said "screw this", and decided that my laptop needed cleaning anyway, so I backed up my /home directory, blew away the Linux partitions I already had, and started fresh. I'm keeping a paper journal with the computer so that whenever I do something significant, or install something, I make note of it so that I've got a hardcopy version of my computer's history. From my reinstall, I've already learned how awesome links can be - who knew that there was a framebuffer-friendly graphical version with all the speed of a text version? It's awesome, and looks like it outputs postscript, then renders it, so fonts look decently smooth. # links -g In other news, I went to the doctor today and he confirmed that I have early signs of carpal tunnel, and that I should stop typing for a while. I asked if it was ok if I could just use my right hand, and he arched a brow and said "Yeah, I guess you could do that." I'm now taking some asskicking anti-inflammatories and some muscle-relaxing ointment (it bascially just makes my skin feel cold). Yay for Blogger supporting links (the unix progam).

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The one who knows ... said...

Nothing to laugh at this. Mother told you to stop being insane...put the cream and have the medicine!!