Friday, July 01, 2005

God: "I don't think I've screwed with Edward's computer enough. While I have made him reinstall his system about 3 times in the past week, corrupt his bios a few times and finally nail him with that carpal tunnel stuff, I think we're missing something. "Ah! I know! I'll blow away his powersupply! There's nothing like knowing that 50$ worth of components causes the other 3000$ to turn into a paperweight." While my power supply had blown away (note, it was nothing spectacular or dramatic - the supplied voltage just kept decreasing), I fortunately have an electronics legend for a supervisor, and work in the IT department. "Reima [my supervisor], my powersupply died." "Oh. That's bad. Let's find a new one." "... Ok!" "Here, this one looks like it was for that IBM laptop that died a few years ago. The voltage matches, and the amperage is close enough. I'll just take yours, snip off the connector, solder and splice it to the old one so that it still retains its prior functionality, and ... we're done. Here you go." "Yay! Go ghetto computers!" I'm so incredibly grateful that I had the cash to spring for this 200 GB external harddrive. Losing family pictures and the Futurama that took a week to grab would have been too much. I wonder what will happen next... My guess is that the new power supply will erupt into flames and consume the laptop.

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Rob said...

My bet is that the next CD you try to read will explode in the tray (I've seen it happen!)