Friday, July 08, 2005

Since the soup, I've had lunches that didn't make me want to heave. Joy! I think the most special is the meat-rice-Finnish-calzone-thing prepared by my coworker's father-in-law. Also, I like hyphens. I've spent the past few days spacing out and learning about DNS, BIND, AJAX, and Ruby for the most part. I'm also trying to try to figure out why F-Spot vomits core upon wanting to export to Flickr. Boo... F-Spot looks so good, but tastes so bad! Like wax strawberries! In RSI-related news, my wrists are now mostly non-craptaculicious. I chalk it up to the drugs and becoming the butt of a range of one-handed typing jokes (I can't believe it took my boss an entire week to come up with his first). My fresh install of Gentoo and Gnome 2.10 is doing very well. For once, I have a system that works properly and doesn't throw errors like they were monkey feces. Hurrah! I hope I don't break it soon, because it's really nice. Bodymassage... Go! I'm probably the last to hear about Google Suggest. It looks cool. I'm still in a state of shock regarding London. I stayed with a family who live near Kings Cross about a month ago. I heard news today that they were ok, but it's still jarring to realize that this actually happened. I don't understand why someone would willingly do this kind of thing.

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Anonymous said...

What version of f-spot are you using? Can you file a bug with the stack trace that is produced when it fails?