Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Today's lunch: Some kind of spinach soup that tastes just like green oatmeal. I'm fairly certain that this is one og those foods that looks the same going in AND coming out. I swallowed most of it down before I started gagging and felt I was going to Jackson Pollack the closest wall with what I just ate. Carpal update: I hated those sticky-keys updates in Windows till now. Using these magicalkey presses is he only way I can type, and it blows. I'm thinking Carpal is like Cystic Fibrosis for typists - like breathing through a straw. I'm just hoping that it doesn't spread to my right hand. (Which is starting to show the crotchety preliminary feelings. Garrrr...)

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Eielaria said...

So sorry to hear about your hand, Ed. You certainly do tend towards various ailments. Remember a few years ago when you had that neck wound? That took quite a while to clear up, as I recall. Let's hope that your carpal tunnel is only temporary. Or, you could always change fields to... um, shepherd?