Sunday, July 16, 2006

(Disclaimer: I've been putting off the writing of these posts for a while, but I've been keeping track of topics I wanted to cover, so here they come...) Quicksilver is a really good interface idea/implementation. Coming from a Linux/command shell mentality, Quicksilver is like having a better "locate" that doesn't just hunt for stuff, but makes a learned guess at what you want to do with the thing, and it sorts the guessed actions by what you've done most often. So typing in ctrl+space (what I've set as the command that brings up Quicksilver) then "fi" will show me a list of most common stuff that it thinks you want to do/run. Hit "enter" and it'll run Firefox (in this case, the first returned item). But that's just the tip of the iceberg; I use it for uploading stuff to Flickr by selecting and copying pictures from anywhere I can see them (usually from the Finder or in iPhoto), calling up Quicksilver, pasting, and typing in "fl" to bring the "Upload to Flickr" item to be the ready action. It's awesome, and should really have a screencap to demonstrate how nifty it is at throwing pics at Flickr. (See the Flickr plugin-specific documentation here for more.)

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