Sunday, July 16, 2006

Maki's Pizza: West 39th and Dunbar, Vancouver Fri Jul 7 19:41:28 PDT 2006 I figure that the form of the blog allows for a way to send the same relatively impersonal news update without leaving the reader jilted, so I might as well exercise it. Life for the past month has been surprising and save for getting gently hit by a spacey SUV driver and winding up in the hospital due to the worst reflux-inspired heartburn known to man, things have been pretty awesome: (Roughly chronological) * I've a summer job working at the Michael Smith Genomics Institute doing mostly Ruby and Rails-based stuff. Things are currently being planned out in regards to what my summer project will be, but it looks like I'll be building a web-interface to a large (we're talking petabytes here) database that'll be used in mapping genes linked to lymphatic cancer. Jon Ben, Keltie, and Anand have been kind enough to let me sleep on their couch. Thanks guys. * Early on in starting my summer job, I lucked out and ended up with a brand new 20" iMac on my desk. Getting used to it, I decided to pour the greater portion of my summer cash into a 2GHz Macbook with 2GB of RAM. It's really nice and very snappy, but it gets hot enough that I usually end up putting a clipboard or something underneath it when it's on my lap. I don't really care though, given that it's on a desk 98% of the time. In regards to why I switched from Gentoo/Ubuntu, I agree with most of the thoughts laid out here * I lucked out and met up with my friend Rob White from elementary at a bus stop next to work. Walking back to home, we saw a bus throw blue sparks. It was cool.

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